Sample Nature Photos From Nikon D800

Here are some sample images taken by a new Nikon D800 digital SLR. This is Nikon’s newest DSLR camera and it is just now shipping to customers who pre-ordered it. I’ve had the camera for only a few days, and am slowly getting used to  its many new features. Most of the photos below were taken with a Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G ED VR II lens, hand held with VR enabled. The camera was set to 14 bit RAW, Adobe RGB. The photos below were optimized for the web using a program called Sizerox, which does reduce image quality.   Though the composition is not the greatest in some of the photos, and the white balance is off a bit, hopefully you can still get a good idea of the power of the Nikon D800’s 36 MP resolution. One downside to a higher megapixels camera like the D800 is much larger RAW image files. This can be a burden on some computers processors and hard drives. I had to add more RAM to my iMac to better handle the larger files and I expect to add an external storage drive soon as my hard drive fills up.

Nikon D800 sample image 1

Below:  A photo taken with the Nikon D800 of the Texas Capitol Building at sunrise using a 50 mm  f/1.4 prime lens at f/8.0 and 1/640 sec, ISO 100. An enlargement of the same photo follows.

Sample image from Nikon D800 of building

Below: An enlarged section of photo of the Texas Capitol Building showing greater detail.

test photo Nikon D800

Test image Nikon D800 landscape

The image above was taken with the Nikon D800 using a 70-200 mm f/2.8G ED VRII lens on a cloudy afternoon using ISO 3200, f/6.3 1/6000 sec, focal length of 122 mm.

The photos of peacocks were taken in Mayfield Park in Austin, TX.

Peacocks in Mayfield Park, Austin Texas, Nikon D800

Photo of peacock Mayfield park, Austin.

About me. I’m an amateur photographer with about 20 years of experience. I’m also a part time travel writer and blogger. My previous cameras  have included the Canon EOS 30D, EOS 40D, Nikon D700 and numerous Nikon film SLR’s. I plan on taking the Nikon D800 with me on overseas trips to take photos for my blog and to post on   You can find the D800 for sale on, however as of the date this article was written it was on back-order. Best Buy, Crutchfield, Adorama and other camera shops also have it on back-order. The price of the D800 is currently fixed for authorized dealers at $2,999.00. If you see this camera selling for less than that amount, beware, since it is most likely grey market or a “bait and switch” scam.  One way to spot a grey market camera scam is when you see the camera for the same price or less that other dealers, but with a whole bunch of accessories bundled with it, such as cheap tripods and lens cleaning kits. Grey market Nikon D800 cameras aren’t a big problem yet, but be on the lookout for them soon as they trickle in from Malaysia, etc. There are currently some scam Nikon D800 sales on the web. On eBay some people are selling “extra cameras” that they ordered for speculation at prices  upwards of $4000, so it may be worth getting on Amazon’s pre order list and being patient.   Estimated shipping time for Nikon D800’s ordered from Amazon is approximately four to six weeks, though that situation may be resolved by the time you find this article. I’m very pleased with this amazing camera and plan on spending more time in the coming weeks becoming familiar with its features. One nice feature is that it shoots broadcast quality HD video, a feature that I plan on using often.

the Nikon D800 DSLR.

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