Low Tide Photos Alma N.B.

The following photos show low tide in Alma New Brunswick, located on the Bay Of Fundy next to Fundy National Park. This small fishing village was established in 1856. In 1966 many area residents were relocated into the town as the Canadian government created Fundy National Park. Many villages in the area claim “highest tides in the world.” Parrsboro Nova Scotia claims to have higher Tides than Alma and their claim is recognized by the Guiness Book Of World Records.  Regardless which town  holds the true claim, the tides in Alma N.B. are nonetheless spectacular. One can actually walk on seafloor that was covered by more than forty feet of water only a few hours before. The boats you see stranded at low tide in Alma harbor are used by local fishermen to harvest lobster, fish and scallops from the Bay of Fundy. The Alma New Brunswick boats “Fundy Fury and “Jacob Boy” are probably some of the most photographed vessels in Canada. Some fishing boats and homes in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia featured Confederate flags, which left us as American’s somewhat bewildered and concerned about what ideals the flags may represent to some of the locals.

These photos were taken on a calm summer day in July. One would imagine that it would not be easy to keep a boat moored to the dock properly as the tide fell during a winter storm.

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Alma NB harbor at low tide

You can literally walk on the ocean floor in the village of Alma. Beach combing at low tide is a popular activity for visitors. A couple of nice local restaurants offer fried clams which are fresh from the Bay of Fundy. Aside from fishing, tourism is one thing that keeps Alma New Brunswick going. Campers in Fundy National Park can literally walk across the bridge into town. Expect to pay tourist prices for items in the local convenience stores. Stocking up at a Superstore in one of the larger cities in New Brunswick is recommended if you are planning on spending several days in the Park.

Below: Low Tide on the Bay Of Fundy. Fishing boats in Alma harbor settled onto stands at their mooring.

Fundy National Park low tide

Next image: The Alma Lobster’s Shops boat, “Thoughtful Too” sits on the bottom of the harbor at low tide near Fundy National Park.

boat at low tide Fundy

A high tide – low tide clock in Alma New Brunswick.

tide clock bay of Fundy

Early morning sunrise and fog rolling in off the Bay of Fundy, Acadia National Park, New Brunswick.

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Fog rolling in Atlantic Coast, Bay of Fundy

These photos were taken on the Bay of Fundy, near Alma  New Brunswick on the Atlantic coast. All photos were taken using a Nikon D800 DSLR and some were taken in HDR or high dynamic range. The last photo in this series is an HDR photo. If you enjoyed any of these photos of the New Brunswick coast, feel free to comment below.