Desert Rock Texture Photos

The following are some desert rock textures which may be used free of charge with attribution for educational projects. Desert cactus texture, stone texture and rock layers in arid environment.

Below: Strawberry Cactus thorns in the desert.

cactus thorns texture

An old juniper tree and outcropping of limestone rock layers.

Juniper and Limestone

Example of conglomerate rock outcropping. Conglomerate rocks are made when loose rock are cemented into the rock matrix.

Conglommerate rock

Iron oxide coloring in limestone rock outcropping.

Iron Oxide Textureoptimized

Below: Fossilized ripples from an ancient shoreline preserved in sandstone rock outcropping.

Fossilized ripples in sandstone

The eroding bank of a dry creek with calcite and gypsum.

Dry creek eroding bank

Feel free to use any of these photos of soil erosion and rock layers in your educational project.